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As first responders, we understand our clients' needs from the inside out. We know that our products and services play a critical role in our shared mission and duty-of-are. We don't take this lightly and recognize the importance of consistently providing best-in-class products and services at a reasonable price. We never upcharge a foundation UTV and never skimp on quality materials and craftsmanship.

Jeff crosby_edited.jpg


  • Firefighter, EMT, & Senior Fire Investigator, North Andover, MA

  • Certified EMT-B (since 2001)

  • American Heart Association: CPR/BLS Instructor

  • Co-owner Mobile Medical Outfitters.

  • Emergency medical response team for the Boston Marathon and 40+ road races and athletic events along the east coast.


"As a firefighter and EMT, I've seen first-hand the difference early treatment and transport can make in a medical emergency. When care is delayed, the patient suffers. Maneuvering through crowds, navigating barriers, and dealing with off-road conditions can be hazardous for traditional emergency vehicles. I knew there was a better way." 

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