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Our team combines more than 45 years of 'in the trenches' emergency medical response experience, with 20+ years building and customizing specialty and performance vehicles. Our collective expertise allows us to understand and respond to client needs more nimbly, with superior quality and fabrication, at a lower price point than our industry peers.


As first responders, we understand our clients' needs from the inside out. We know that our products and services play a critical role in our shared mission and duty-of-are. We don't take this lightly and recognize the importance of consistently providing best-in-class products and services at a reasonable price. We never upcharge a foundation UTV and never skimp on quality materials and craftsmanship.

Jeff crosby_edited.jpg


  • Firefighter, EMT, & Senior Fire Investigator, North Andover, MA

  • Certified EMT-B (since 2001)

  • American Heart Association: CPR/BLS Instructor

  • Co-owner Mobile Medical Outfitters.

  • Emergency medical response team for the Boston Marathon and 40+ road races and athletic events along the east coast.


"As a firefighter and EMT, I've seen first-hand the difference early treatment and transport can make in a medical emergency. When care is delayed, the patient suffers. Maneuvering through crowds, navigating barriers, and dealing with off-road conditions can be hazardous for traditional emergency vehicles. I knew there was a better way." 

Chris Troyanos.jpg


  • Medical Coordinator: BAA Boston Marathon

  • Executive Director: International Institute for Race Medicine

  • Owner/Founder: Sports Medicine Consulting, LLC.

  • Global Crisis Management Planning Team

  • International Consultant & Keynote Speaker: Emergency Preparedness/Event Planning & Best Practices

  • Certified Athletic Trainer

Chris Troyanos has a global reputation for leading and providing logistical and medical support for large-scale events and mass gatherings. During his 45+ years with the Boston Marathon, he has provided medical leadership and logistical support–leading a team of 60+ medical professionals and 1800 on-site medical volunteers, in addition to coordinating local hospital networks, public safety, emergency response teams, M.E.M.A., and the Department of Public Health. 


He was a first responder at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and played a critical role assisting the post-bombing/federal response team, in the hours and days following this tragic event. Over the next 6 months, Chris helped design a Global Crisis Management Response Plan–addressing emergency preparedness best-practices and post-trauma support of B.A.A. volunteers and runners impacted from the bombings.

bobby melvin.jpg


  • Manufacturing Foreman for Massachusetts Crane & Hoist

  • Professional Fabricator and Certified Welder

  • Nascar driver customization & maintenance

  • Owner: Pro-Fab

Bobby Melvin, Jr. has 20+ years of construction experience fabricating, customizing, and repairing 'all things metal' – from custom wrought iron railings and fences to I-beam structures, construction cranes, hoists, and more.


In addition to building and customizing our emergency medical UTV's, Bobby uses his 15+ years experience, 50+ race wins, and two Nascar championships to build and maintain Nascar race cars. 

His reputation for quality and expertise is the foundation of our UTVs. When clients ask for something that has 'never been done before' he loves the challenge and gets to work making it happen.

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