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As first responders, we understand our clients' needs from the inside out. We know that our products and services play a critical role in our shared mission and duty-of-care. We don't take this lightly and recognize the importance of consistently providing best-in-class products and services at a reasonable price. We never upcharge a foundation UTV and never skimp on quality materials and craftsmanship.


We offer on-call service tailored to the convenience of our customers.


Our UTVs are inspected and maintained at the highest standards.


Our UTVs are fueled and cleaned prior to each customer rental.

We provide professional service to every customer.


Rental fees are based on the number of days, weeks, or months rented, pick-up or delivery location, special requests, and other options. Contact us for details.


Delivery (if available) and pick-up fees are determined based on location and mileage from North Andover, MA.


A full tank of gas is included with delivery. 


We offer custom 'upfitting' to convert your existing UTV and 'build-to-spec' services.


  • Custom metal fabrication of ATV/UTV body

  • Rear attendant seating

  • Backboard and stretcher installation

  • Emergency lights & siren

  • Storage compartments

  • Tractor treads & wheels

  • Winch installation

  • Custom Lettering

  • Undercoating, bed liner, and more


Please contact us to discuss scheduling, customization of your existing UTV, build-to-spec vehicles, branding, and other details.

We welcome questions respond to all inquiries promptly.

Visit Sports Medicine Consulting, LLC for emergency preparedness best-practices, training, and consulting. 

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